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Radiologisches Zentrum Wiesloch

Poetry Workshop : A great document from the teacher Antonio Manuel Fabregat that includes three proposals for classroom workshops for 13, 11 and 10 year old students. They are activities to create and recite poetry, with the aim of showing guidelines, games, and models of poetic creation and suggesting spaces and stimuli for individual creation. Rhymes about education: This is an interesting space where you will find poems and poetic texts related to education. Rafael Alberti, Antonio Machado, Federico García Lorca … the best names in our literary history also wrote about school and learning. You’ll love it, click website! A center that is pure poetry: What if we turn our educational center into a true book of poems? We can propose a joint activity for the different educational levels, in which all decorate corridors, stairs, and classrooms with poetry. Compilation of poems by Gloria Fuertes: She works through her works with values such as love for animals or tolerance with tenderness and humor that characterizes this great poet. And it is that Gloria Fuertes is already a classic of children’s and youth literature, her works are essential! 10 didactic resources to work on poetry in the classroom: Poetry allows us to practice with the students the word game, the imagination, creativity and the pleasure of expressing ideas and emotions through poetry. What are you waiting for? Also, if you are interested in the subject, tomorrow you cannot miss the interview that we will publish with the teacher Elena Escribano, about the study of poetry in the classroom.

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